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Brochure Displays:
Our brochure and leaflet holders are available in the most common sizes, so anything from standard pamphlets to larger flyers can be accommodated. Customers are able to choose from countertop, freestanding, and wall mounted options. Each style has its advantages, so consider the features and design that would work best for your application. Plastic leaflet boxes are some of the most popular especially because they can be customized with logos. Wood, metal, and wire are some of the other types of materials we use to manufacture these long-lasting holders. Corrugated cardboard is a great option when setting up a short-term exhibit or when you are simply trying to cut cost. Need to advertise after your business has closed for the day? Check out our extensive line of outdoor literature boxes.

Magazine Stands & Holders:
We provide a full selection of racks for displaying monthly magazines. Portability is one of the most sought after features, which is why many of our metal floor stands are so popular among trade show vendors and other traveling sales representatives. Metal holders also come in countertop and wall mounted configurations. Of course if you are in the market for a cheaper option, check out the plastic catalog displays and acrylic magazine stands. An even cheaper alternative includes the cardboard collection. These corrugated units are available in many different colors and are much less expensive to send because they ship flat. Traditional floor stands and wooden magazine holders are ideal for more conventional locations, including doctors’ offices, libraries, and schools. Wire racks often a more modern look and are sold in countertop, floor-standing, and wall mounted.

Adjustable Designs:
Need to display multiple types of literature? No problem! Our adjustable pocket stands and racks feature an innovative design that allows the user to change the configuration. Some days you may have more brochures to hand out, while others you might want to showcase a company catalog or magazine selection. The wood designs feature pockets that are easily adjusted by adding or removing the included plastic dividers. Our acrylic models work very much the same way. Some of metal racks , however, feature wire hooks or disc inserts that change the pocket width.

Book Stands:
Book displays are ideal for retailers, especially bookstores. Many of our models offer rotation, tiered shelving, and even wheels in some cases. Classic paperbacks, hardcover textbooks, and other reference materials are easily stored or displayed on these shelves. Be sure to look at the children’s book shelving and carts if you run a school or daycare center.

Newspaper Displays:
Newspaper and tabloid racks are a staple in any corner store. Whether you are distributing a free weekly paper or Sunday’s New York Times, we have a stand that will do the job. Most of our daily newsprint holders are wire racks, but there are metal floor displays too. Others feature upscale wood construction or a clear acrylic assembly.

Wall File Organizers:
These hanging racks are designed specifically for file folders. Whether the chart holders are used in a hospital setting where HIPAA compliance is extremely important or a general office where convenient filing is needed, the information is sure to be accessible and organized. Choose from several wood and metal designs that feature vertically stacked pockets.

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