Customize Our Products

Our custom orders are usually a modification of one of our stock products. We manufacture custom displays in large volume. We do not quote custom production runs in small quantities.

Important information before you inquire:

  1. We have a $5,000.00 minimum order requirement for new custom production runs.
  2. We do not quote on small quantity inquiries (ie. quantity 1, 5, 25, 50 etc) as there are no manufacturing efficiencies to be achieved. As a guideline, if the custom display you are proposing is smaller than a general 8 1/2" x 11" size you can expect a minimum run requirement of at least 1,000 units. If your design is larger than 8 1/2" x 11" , please expect us to quote a minimum quantity run requirement of at least 500.
  3. For jobs quoted that meet our minimum requirements and that you are considering, prototype samples are usually available at nominal cost (to cover a model maker's time) for your approval prior to placing an order.
  4. We are not a "Custom Design House" that fields a vague custom idea and creates a new style display for you at a service charge of $125.00/hr. Rather, we take your proposed design, which is typically some derivative of a stock product, and respond quickly with feasibility to manufacture, minimum quantity requirements and pricing.
  5. We do not offer custom display variations from our display case, wire and cardboard product lines.
  6. We receive 30 - 40 custom display inquiries each day. Your submission must clearly state the style of display, dimensions, the quantity desired, and include a PDF sketch or picture when possible.
  7. All custom display runs require a minimum 50% deposit in advance. Deposits and balances due prior to shipping on custom jobs are not accepted on credit cards (must be company check or wire).

The process for requesting a Custom Display:


  1. Email us your display idea, being sure to note all dimensions and the quantity to be quoted: email
  2. Our custom display design group will respond within 8 work hours, not days, with price quotes and additional comments regarding the display design and construction of your custom POP display. We expedite the process of bringing your custom display ideas into a reality!
  3. customer service rep Next, your custom display ideas can quickly be turned into reality. In many cases, for a nominal model maker's fee, our small-run/prototype department can quickly produce an actual sized sample display of your custom design. You experience our service and workmanship first-hand prior to ordering. Remember, as a direct custom display manufacturer we fabricate and ship most custom point of purchase display orders within 3 - 4 weeks.

For custom display inquiries only E-mail:

If your question is about one of our stock products please email:

Fax: 1-401-247-0392
Call: 1-800-572-2194
(8:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m Eastern Time)

We specialize in many types of custom point of purchase display fabrications and designs. Some examples from which we custom fabricate include wood displays, wooden displays, acrylic displays, plastic displays, plexiglass displays, lucite displays, plexi displays, and more. Final venues for our custom display and display designs are very vast and include: custom retail store displays, custom visual merchandising displays, hospitality displays, custom promotional and advertising displays, restaurant displays and custom menu holders, trade show displays and much more. We custom fabricate many actual types of displays including custom brochure holders, poster frames, sign holders, trade show displays, magazine racks, lecterns & podiums, store displays, display racks, custom display stands, and custom point of sale displays. We have an extensive history since 1974 in this field, with thousands of satisfied customers.

Our custom display and design credibility is impeccable.
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