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Think Twice
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This is a very eye-catching, and expensive, literature display. Looks as good in person as it does in the pictures. However ....This is no easy project!!!!! It comes in 5 large boxes, which I consider to be extreme overkill in packaging. The shipping costs for these 5 boxes are $45. There are virtually no instructions for assembling and installing this display. I do a lot of DYI projects, and this ranks up there with the most difficult. There are about 30 moving parts to the display, and they all must be properly aligned. The rack has four legs that are inserted into 4 separate wall brackets. There is no instruction or template for mounting the wall brackets properly to assure that the legs can be inserted. It requires very careful measuring to get the spacing and alignment correct to assure a plumb installation. It also came with a large roll of plastic film, but no explanation of what it is for. Think twice before buying!

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