Wood Brochure Stands With or Without Poster Frames

Wood Brochure Stands Allow for Strategic Floor Placement

Who uses free-standing literature racks? Our wood brochure stands are good choices for businesses that give away folded pamphlets and/or full-size flyers. In this case, it's due to the relationship a business shares with its customers. Unlike a magazine rack in a waiting room, these wood brochure stands provide targeted interaction with people since the content is aimed at making sales, not simply to offer reading material. Whether your business is a bank, an auto dealership, or travel bureau, it makes sense to utilize a literature floor stand in order to attract the most foot traffic. Additionally, these wood brochure stands also provide lots of storage/display space because many models are double-sided.

This collection of floor stands comes in two ways: with or without poster frames. Starting with the brochures-only models, most types feature a large number of pockets. These are designed for use at tourist destinations, museum shops, and community centers where lots of unrelated tri-fold pamphlets are made available to the public. For example, gift shops might employ a 45-pocket floor stand to hold flyers and brochures for local interests, restaurants, and tourist stops for a family day trip to the local town. Never has so much information been available in such a small footprint! On the other hand, literature stands with poster frames are better equipped to offer related content to the viewer. By this we mean the combination of marketing tools rolled into one display fixture. Insert custom-printed posters into the top of the stand that speaks to the viewer, showing them what you are selling in a visual manner. Then reel them in with the selection of tri-fold pamphlets extolling products or services directly related to your business. And it doesn't hurt to point out that all of these literature holders are made with solid wood with your choice of exquisitely stained finishes or durable wood-like plastic laminate.

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