Wall Mount Brochure Racks Feature Customizable Pockets

Wall Mount Brochure Racks Hold Lots of Pamphlets and Periodicals

Besides countertop periodical displays, what other kinds of fixtures are available that help save space? Wall mount brochure racks are the solution. By mounting literature holders to the wall, you immediately save on space whether on tables and counters or out on the floor. These display fixtures are entirely manufactured from solid wood, with most models coming with clear acrylic stops designed to prevent your content from spilling over. Choose wall mount brochure racks with four pockets ranging all the way up to a whopping 24. Some styles feature open shelf ledges for displaying and storing a wide variety of content, while other literature holders feature optional dividers that delineate pockets for standard tri-fold brochures or larger catalogs and magazines.

There are two primary uses for these wall mount brochure racks: simple storage solutions or direct marketing. Waiting rooms, libraries, and customer service stations provide visitors and patrons with reading material while they wait. These normally consist of weekly magazines and periodicals, and our wall racks keep their areas neat and tidy. On the other hand, businesses like to offer company information, financial rates, or other targeted content to potential customers in a way very different from the waiting room environment. One way businesses can attract attention to their literature is by pairing brochure racks with retail signage or posters. The large scale graphics, showing colorful images designed to lure people to the intended display, provide an excellent marketing punch for any business!

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