Metal Wall Mounted Brochure Racks Boast Strong Aluminum Framing

Wall Mount Brochure Racks Save Floor Space

Looking to display your takeaway literature as efficiently as possible? These metal wall mounted brochure racks provide you with lots of storage space while keeping your floors free from obstructions. Locations such as tourist centers, medical waiting rooms, and financial institutions often have a considerable amount of folded pamphlets detailing travel destinations, information on meds, and bank rates to name but a few. Small countertop organizers aren't big enough. On the other hand, these metal wall mounted brochure racks offer up a sizable number of trays and pockets. These literature holders also come with adjustable features that allow you to customize the display to accommodate different sizes of leaflets and magazines. However, the biggest feature by far is their ability to save you floor space. Our metal wall mounted brochure racks provide you with the storage solution for keeping your area neat and tidy.

What are some of the features these literature holders offer?
  • Our metal wall mounted brochure racks come in two extruded styles: tubular and flat. Both styles are manufactured from aluminum with black or silver anodized finishes.
  • The tubular versions rest flatter against the wall, and come with a series of acrylic plastic pockets (their size depends on the model). Removable divider pins change the pocket size to fit standard folded brochures or catalog/magazine sizes.
  • The flat extruded holders are available in straight or curved "wave" styles. Special wall extenders attach to the framing which projects them off the wall up to 7". These displays come with acrylic trays for placing your magazines or leaflets. Also included are folded brochure divider attachments that insert into the tray if needed.

These literature organizers do an excellent job of organizing a lot of content in such a small area. But why stop there? Take it a step further by offering your company information with poster graphics. A large number of our brochure holders feature a framed section for marketing graphics. Your custom posters slide into the frame between two clear lenses. Combining targeted imagery along with takeaway literature makes for a strong strategy!

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