Our Most Popular Clear Plastic Holders for Brochures

Top Selling Clear Plastic Literature Holders

What does one think of when asked, "What exactly is a brochure holder?" Chances are these small countertop displays are what comes to mind. Literature holders with single pockets provide compact organization with great marketing potential. Perfect for small and medium businesses, these brochure displays can sit on employee desks, checkout stations, and retail sales counters. One of the biggest advantages is their low cost. We stock these clear plastic brochure holders for same day shipment when purchased before 3PM EST. Bulk purchasing comes with the added advantage of even lower prices.

While we sell many types of literature holders, it's the small models that can make the bigger difference. They present important information for industries across all sectors including financial institutions, real estate companies, hotels, travel bureaus, and retail stores. Meeting with a salesperson one-on-one usually leads to the customer taking away company literature. A single brochure pocket sized for standard folded pamphlets is an effective way to go, however other businesses like to display some kind of signage or graphics with a pocket in order to lure the viewer. These models are especially effective for advertising a sales promotion or upcoming event. The outdoor-rated selections are most often used by real estate companies right at the source. Mounted to the sale signs in front of homes, these pockets provide homebuyers with dry takeaway information. Agents can't be everywhere at once, so it is to their advantage to supply prospective buyers the information they need. All models featured here are the best selling brochure holders for obvious reasons. Even better is having an important tool necessary for every business that happens to be very affordable.

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