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Wooden Literature Holders - Stylish and Functional Convertible Fixtures

wooden literature holders

Are wooden literature holders the right solution for your business display needs? This type of fixture creates a very different look than acrylic or metal styles. Available as counter, floor or wall mounted dispensers, wood or wood-look MDF framing lends a certain elegance to businesses in any industry. Adjustable wooden literature holders impart a feeling of stability and solidness to any environment through rich mahogany and oak finishes and solid construction. These office fixtures offer a wide variety of display options, from rotating countertop models to wall mount chart displays to freestanding units that include poster frames as well as adjustable magazine or brochure pockets. Wooden literature holders, which can be referred to as traditional pamphlet display fixtures, allow different size materials to be presented to customers, patrons and foot traffic with maximum visibility on the floor, a counter or a wall. Adjustable pockets convert easily from periodical to brochure size to help maintain order and organization. Literature holders with rich finish colors and versatile display options are a superior choice for businesses in any industry, especially those that conduct integrated marketing campaigns that incorporate both signage and take-away collateral.

What kind of businesses use traditional pamphlet display fixtures?
  • Wooden literature holders lend a certain style to commercial businesses and office environments across all industries. Space saving counter dispensers in rich mahogany or oak finishes give take-away collateral or magazines an organized and stylish place to be stored without taking up floor space.
  • Professional offices and institutions, including lawyers, insurance agencies, architects, universities and more often offer patrons a variety of reading materials as well as advertising or marketing pieces. Counter or wall mounted fixtures for magazines or other materials in warm mahogany or oak finish shades can complement office d├ęcor without taking away from the overall style. Pockets that can hold private files or charts while offering accessibility as needed are ideal for this type of environment.
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  • Financial institutions need high visibility advertising that attracts clients and encourages them to participate in various programs. Elegant and stylish traditional pamphlet display fixtures with integrated signage and adjustable pockets are ideal for this type of high-traffic, high visibility display.
  • Medical facilities, from the largest hospital to the most boutique clinic or long-term care facility, frequently require patrons to wait in both public and private. Wall mounted dispensers are ideal for keeping small spaces free of clutter while allowing clients to relax. Coordinating fixtures for charts and files with dispensers creates a unified look throughout an establishment.
  • Trade shows, conferences and events are ideal situations in which to use portable freestanding holders. Using a combination of different marketing materials and free collateral helps enforce branding and customer recognition at all levels.

Counter, wall or floor traditional pamphlet display fixtures are perfect for more than merely showcasing reading material to waiting patrons. Many of these versatile holders incorporate frames for marketing or advertising signage in addition to magazine, brochure or chart pockets. From simple letter-size graphics to poster-size custom signage, freestanding wooden literature displays create high-visibility kiosks that draw attention. This display is ideal for integrated merchandising or marketing campaigns that utilize branded messaging that crosses from signage to free-access collateral.

Wooden literature displays are particularly effective when used in conjunction with other merchandising dispensers to create a fully integrated look. By ensuring that all reading and marketing materials are kept organized yet easily visible, businesses in any industry can ensure that their customers and potential customers are kept up-to-date on all offerings and services. Elegant dispensers are an ideal way for any business to make a stylish — and lasting — impression on clients.

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