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metal literature holders

Why choose metal literature holders over other styles? These versatile frames and accessories offer a striking balance between highly functional or utilitarian use and stylish design. From the most basic wall mount to floor or counter cylinder tube bases with multiple magazine pockets to the most elegant 6-foot tall custom poster-and-pamphlet showcase, this type of organizer can serve many different purposes in many different environments. Economical wire literature holders help keep display areas tidy and organized. Acrylic pockets use simple dividers to go from periodical or magazine-size to holding brochures. Versatile metal literature holders, also known as aluminum brochure displays, are available in a variety of neutral finishes to complement or coordinate with any décor style. These wall, floor or countertop fixtures offer a variety of small details that make large visual impact, from optional green-edge acrylic accessories to built-in enclosures for custom graphics.

What are some of the available options for aluminum brochure displays?
  • Metal or wire literature holders for countertop use range from simple aluminum tubing fixtures to stylish multi-tiered frames. Counter fixtures, unlike installed accessories, can be moved easily from place to place and are more portable than freestanding mounts, making them ideal for trade shows in addition to professional and commercial use. Counter styles are ideal for high traffic areas as well.

  • Wall mount metal literature racks also take a variety of forms and come in a number of different configurations and sizes to accommodate all needs. Lightweight aluminum brochure displays have a simple but eye-catching style that is particularly effective in areas that offer a variety of reading, advertising or marketing materials. Waiting rooms, lobbies, atria, conference or meeting rooms and other areas where floor or counter space may be at a premium are ideal locations for wall mount aluminum brochure displays. wire literature holder

  • Floor standing units range from simple pole-style stands to freestanding multi-media stations that incorporate custom graphics or posters as well as magazines, flyers or brochures. Styles include a wide variety of options, including basic upright frames, elegant curved designs and furniture-style MDF exteriors with metal literature racks.

  • Adjustable pockets are one of the most versatile features offered by these holders. Wide box-style enclosures come with easy-to-use divider clips that allow them to neatly hold and organize a variety of different size materials, from trifold brochures to magazines and other periodicals. Clear acrylic pockets are available with green edging which gives the look of tempered glass for a more upscale display. Rolled wire display frames offer more visual structure for a different look.

  • Many literature holders also incorporate poster or graphics frames on one or both sides. These accessories are ideal for businesses with integrated marketing campaigns that incorporate both display and take-away collateral.

Wall mount, floor and countertop fixtures are all easily configured for a custom look that complements any environment. Tiered organizers feature either stacked or flat construction designs with simple pocket dividers to maintain neat, professional-looking workspaces that attract customers or patrons. Whether used simply as racks for reading material or multi-function displays for advertising and marketing collateral, these holders are a cost-effective and attractive accessory for any business, organization or commercial environment.

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