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How many plastic literature holders does our site offer? It's actually difficult to say, because one of the best benefits of this type of commercial or retail advertising or marketing display is the fact that most of the fixtures can be configured in different ways. Plastic literature holders, that is to say molded display pockets with single or multiple boxes, are one of the most versatile visual merchandising options available. A 9" wide pocket, for example, can hold one magazine or two 4" wide brochures. Clear acrylic pocket dividers make it easy to accommodate almost every size marketing piece in a single fixture. The biggest benefit of wall, floor or counter plastic literature holders, however is their versatility. Poster or sign holders can also accommodate brochures; countertop mounts can be wall mounted; portable mounts can go from office to trade show and back with ease. The many different configurations, combined with inexpensive but durable construction materials, make this type of sign, magazine or brochure display fixture a perfect match for almost any retail, professional, food service or hospitality environment.

What are some of the different configurations of molded display pockets offered here?
  • Plastic literature holders designed for counter use generally take the form of molded brochure pockets. The clear acrylic stands with built in boxes are great for holding reading material, sales brochures, forms and more. This type of fixture can be found in almost any environment: retail stores, schools, businesses, restaurants and more.

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  • Wall mounted molded display pockets for indoor use are ideal space-saving choices because they offer high visibility without using valuable counter or floor space. Eye-plastic literature racks allow businesses and stores to offer customers and patrons a wide variety of reading or marketing materials and sometimes even signs while still maintaining an organized, tidy area. Lobbies, atria, waiting rooms and conference areas are ideal for these affordable molded display pockets and magazine boxes.

  • Floor displays differ in that they can easily accommodate signage holders in addition to take-away materials. Available in wheeled or stationary styles, these business or institutional literature holders are perfect for companies conducting integrated marketing campaigns. Frames holding eye-catching signs alert potential customers or patrons to available services or products. Stands with built-in molded brochure or magazine holders let customers walk away with the information they need to influence purchasing decisions.

The lightweight nature of plastic literature racks with clear acrylic boxes and frames makes the holders easily portable in addition to being easily counter or wall mounted. Commercial, professional, institutional, hospitality or retail molded display pockets are a low-cost alternative to fixed advertising frames. In addition, displays with simple dividers are easily configured to different sizes as needed. Keeping marketing and advertising materials and reading areas neat and organized is a sure way for any business or institution to present a professional appearance to customers and patrons.

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