Metal Magazine Stands | Freestanding Floor Racks for Catalog Displays

Metal Magazine Stands - Floor Racks with Steel Construction for Books, Catalogs & Large Pamphlets

metal magazine stand

When you’re in the market for metal magazine stands for your office or business, what are the first details you search for? Do you look for freestanding models with stable bases? Or catalog racks with several pocket options for organizing? Maybe you look for floor models with slots for pamphlets and leaflets. Whatever your needs are for metal magazine stands, also known as catalog holders, may be, we have a style or model that will fit both functionally and seamlessly with your décor. Because we know that floor space is valuable real estate in any retail or commercial setting, we have dozens of models that minimize the amount of floor needed but maximize your organizing potential. The freestanding designs allow you to move your metal magazine stands around your store or shop with ease while always being confident that they are sturdy and stable. Choosing the correct tower for your business or office has never been easier!

Where can these catalog holders be used?
  • These metal magazine stands are the perfect accessory for retail locations like convenience stores, gift shops, card shops or malls.
  • The pockets for pamphlets and brochures make these a great tool for community or visitors centers as guests can take maps, guides or other information away with them.
  • Waiting rooms in doctor’s offices, dentist offices, car dealerships or other office buildings are often cluttered by magazines and other reading materials. Organize and clear coffee tables with one of these freestanding unit.

Because we know that every space is unique and the theme needs to carry even down to the smallest of details, we offer metal magazine towers in different shapes, sizes and pocket styles. We have styles that are wavy, others with trays, zig-zag designs with multiple pockets; any configuration you may need for your display needs is available! Think of allowing your customers or guests the freedom to easily find the publication of their choice without having to riffle through cluttered coffee tables or overcrowded shelves. Make browsing easy and promote relaxation, reading and sales with one of these wire or metal racks and towers.

Each catalog rack can be easily filled by simply sliding the publication into the slots or pockets. The sturdy design ensures that items won’t be crinkled, wrinkled, torn or damage. The pamphlet trays also add more possibility to each freestanding unit. Simple place your takeaway leaflets on the lower shelves and encourage your customers or visitors to take one as they leave to further promote your business or service!

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