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wire magazine rack

Wire Magazine Racks - Modern Metal Stands for Freestanding Catalog Displays

Have you been looking for wire magazine racks for your office, lobby or business? Look no further than the extensive line of metal catalog displays we have for sale today! All of our publication floor caddies are designed with the business owner and the consumer in mind. Each lightweight unit is made to complement and create storage space in any setting. The wire magazine racks, also called publication floor caddies, are the perfect modern solution to cluttered tables and counters. Simply place all your publications in the multi-pocket units to create organization and an eye-catching display for your customers and patrons. Each wire magazine stand is crafted to be durable and stable even in the most high traffic areas. Because of their lightweight and movable qualities, these freestanding displays can be placed anywhere in a store, library, lobby or waiting room and moved with little effort to another location if needed. These wire magazine racks are equipped with a swiveling top to make browsing the selection of magazines and newspapers fast and easy!

What style publication floor caddies are available for sale?

  • We carry several wire magazine racks that are made for countertop use. These units can be placed on any flat surface including desk and tabletops and several rotate to make browsing fast and easy.
  • We offer freestanding units that are made specifically to stand on the floor with a stable base. These models are perfect for stores, gas stations and visitor centers.
  • We also have several catalog holders that are equipped with shelves instead of pockets. These are great for newspaper stands and schools or community centers which provide free monthly or daily subscriptions to those in the building.
  • Choose from short, tall, silver, black or white wire stands to best suit your setting and décor!

When you have a business, office or lobby, you know that appearing organized and clutter-free is important. Maintain a professional look by cleaning off tables, counters and desks of printed materials by placing them within these publication floor caddies. The steel publication holders are designed to be subtle, elegant and provide ample storage in any setting. We have multiple models with tiered levels and pockets to ensure that all literature is categorized and easily findable by customers and patrons. Provide waiting guests with reading material to make their visit as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Never have to sift through a pile of newspapers or magazines again and have a space where they can be placed when they are received in the mail! Order at wholesale prices and in bulk for your business today!

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