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Metal Magazine Holders - Multiple-Pocket Racks for Wall or Tabletop Catalogs

metal magazine rack

Are you in the market for metal magazine racks for your office or place of business? We offer several styles and varieties at wholesale prices. These catalog holders are ideal for gas stations, airports, coffee shops or other frequented retail locations. Choose from steel, aluminum and wire models. When it comes to metal magazine holders, also known as catalog racks, the easiest and most effective way to organize and make them easily searchable by customer is displaying in wall mount fashion. The varying sized pockets make it possible to showcase different sized literature and brochures as well if necessary. We offer a large variety of modern metal magazine holder options with different color schemes and finishes to match every setting and décor. The modern office designs ensure that all your holders will look professional, organized and clean. The metal design is made specifically for high-traffic areas and to withstand wear and tear of customer use. Provide reading material for those in your waiting room, stock with brochures to advertise your business or add extra profit to your business by carrying monthly subscriptions and periodicals.

For larger settings that may be required to display multiple magazines at once, we offer units that have up to 20 pockets. Choose holders that are small enough for one or two pieces of literature or larger mounts that are made for multiple publications and catalogs.

Where can these catalog holders be used?
  • These metal magazine racks are perfect for stores and retail settings like gas stations, convenience stores and gift shops.
  • Supermarkets and drug stores can also utilize the wall mount units.
  • Airports, doctor’s offices, dentist’s, waiting rooms and service areas may also want to organize their literature for their waiting guests.
  • Rest stops and information centers can benefit from the use of these pocketed catalog stands as well.

What are some of the benefits of wall mounting units? Aside from saving valuable floor space, wall holders make it easier for patrons to browse monthly periodicals. The aluminum or steel pocketed designs place the catalogs at eye-level and are easily accessible. Most of the catalog racks attach to the wall with easy-hang brackets that are sturdy and sure to provide maximum safety and security in high-traffic areas. Choose from green-edged or clear-edged designs to match the theme or décor of your office or business as well. The hanging design keeps magazines off the floor and from cluttering tables, counters and waiting areas. Organize and perfectly showcase a variety of monthly reading items for your valued customers or patients by installing one of these catalog holders in your business today!

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