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Wire Brochure Holder - Trifold Pocket Products for the Counter & Floor

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What makes these counter wire brochure holders popular options for handing out pamphlets? The display stands feature a durable construction that will withstand frequent use over the years. Trifold advertising products are rugged enough for hotels, retail stores and restaurants that have customers constantly at the counter. These affordable wire brochure holders for tabletop or floor use, also known as wire leaflet racks, come in single and multiple pocket designs. Promoters can organize their literature in a logical manner with the pamphlet organizers. Arrange the different information on a tier or in a pocket. Trifold advertising products are certain to clearly exhibit pamphlets to potential clients. These wire brochure holders are counter display stands with pockets crafted for the industry standard 4" x 9" flyers. Advertisers can adjust the slots on the trifold products in many cases to present larger pamphlets. These holders come in many different styles and sizes for use in different locations within the establishment. Display stands are available in various colors and finishes to match the surroundings. Wholesale holders include different features to ensure people see the printed materials. The pamphlet fixtures are a great way to disseminate the important information.

Where do advertisers setup the wire leaflet racks in establishments?

  • There professional wire brochure holders come in counter designs for use on any flat surface. Retailers are welcome to place the trifold promotion products near the latest goods or at the cash wrap. Restaurants often keep the counter display stands at the hostess stand for passively doling out take out menus. Many schools and hotels install the units at information kiosks. A counter, table, cash wrap or shelf is a suitable place for the pockets.
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  • The display stands come in floor standing constructions as well. Many shops place these freestanding leaflet racks at the entranceway to entice passersby. People can easily take one of the pamphlets when entering or exiting the establishment.
  • Large floor trifold fixtures look great up against walls in lobbies and waiting areas. Hotels, visitor centers and doctors’ offices commonly place the bigger designs next to a wall in a highly noticeable area. This practice advertises pamphlets without getting in the way of foot traffic.

Wire brochure organizers arrange the pamphlets in a logical fashion to lure potential patrons over to the printed materials. People are much more likely to respond to tidy display stands than trifold prints strewn across a counter. Bright messages and graphics look great when in pockets or on a tier. Many of the organizers include a space for signage to further aid in attracting passersby. Depending upon the type of leaflet racks purchased, companies can augment the stands with a sign. Organizers that accommodate signage either have a top clip or channel for presenting the message. The display stands invite visitors to read the literature.

Trifold holding products are available with different features that can prove helpful to advertisers. Some of the display stands include removable dividers for expanding the width of the pocket. There are rotating counter designs that allow customers to spin the leaflet racks. Patrons will be able to see all of the literature by simply turning the tier. Lightweight, folding display stands are great for promoters who attend trade shows or frequent change the layout of the store. Trifold products may be purchased in different colors to blend in with the environment. Find the organizers that will best fit the situation.

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