Wooden Brochure Holders, Racks, and Stands for Literature

Wooden Brochure Holder - Wall, Countertop & Floor Stands for Giveaway Literature

wooden brochure holder

What makes wooden brochure holders a worthwhile addition to an establishment? The trifold information tools have attractive wood designs that not only help dole out leaflets, but also blend in with upscale d├ęcor. There are many different finishes available, so advertisers can match the take-one displays with the rest of the furniture in the room. Browse through the leaflet stands to find models designed for different areas of the business. These wooden brochure holders for traditional size prints, also known as wood literature racks, are constructed to accommodate the industry standard 4" x 9" leaflet. Any business that promotes using flyers or pamphlets can use the trifold information tools. Wood literature racks are frequently found in hotels, offices, retail shops and restaurants. These professional wooden brochure holders are leaflet displays with different amounts of pockets to accommodate numerous flyers in a single take-one fixture. Peruse the collection to discover leaflet stands with unique features for promoting the flyer. Find the commercial holders that best fit the need.

Where can businesses setup the wood literature racks?

  • These traditional wooden brochure holders are commonly found on countertops and other flat display surfaces. Tables, desks and shelves can support the countertop leaflet displays. Many retail stores place the trifold information tools at the cash wrap to give patrons something to take on their way out the door.
  • Floor take-one flyer stands draw attention from customers because they can be placed in the areas of the store that get the most foot traffic. The wood literature racks present the leaflets in entranceways, near aisles or by checkout stations. Floor stands are generally tall, so customers are certain to notice the holders.
  • Wall mounted leaflet pockets are extremely efficient because these traditional take-one displays save precious floor space while remaining in the sightline of consumers. Advertisers are welcome to hang the trifold information tools in an area and at a height that certain to garner notice from prospective clients.
wooden brochure dispenser

A wooden brochure rack is a relatively inexpensive way to organize all of your printed materials. A clean, well-organized collection of flyers or pamphlets is much more appealing to visitors. Trifold information left strewn around the tabletop reflects poorly on the company. The dispensers allow businesses to arrange the printed advertisements in a logical fashion. Stack leaflets in the pockets, so customers can easily take-one without disturbing the remaining copies. Arrange all of the printed materials in an eye-catching fashion to increase awareness.

Each of the pamphlet pockets has a transparent front to keep the contents in full view. People will immediately recognize that leaflets or flyers are available for the taking. The clear pockets also give the graphics and messages on the printed materials center stage. Many of the take-one displays are adjustable to accommodate traditional size pamphlets and larger flyers. Simply remove the plastic tab to turn two pockets into one advertising space.

Numerous dispensers come in different finishes to coordinate with the rest of the atmosphere. Promoters looking for trifold information solutions will find different oak, mahogany and black finished wood displays. All of the stands provide a cultivated charm at a price that fits most budgets. A small investment in wooden brochure dispensers could make a big difference in sales.

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