Plastic Newspaper Holders | Single or Multi-Pocket Literature Displays

Plastic Newspaper Holders - Paper Racks with Shelves or Pockets for Publications

plastic newspaper holder

Thinking about using plastic newspaper holders in your business? These tabloid stands for different papers are just the answer to your literature rack needs! These acrylic displays also come in black and silver styles to offer many choices that will accommodate your décor. The plastic newspaper holders, called tabloid stands, offer several choices of single-pocket or multi-level displays that will accommodate many different copies of the same thing. There are also fixtures that are mobile with 4 wheels and others that may offer the ability for placing a sign inside. The commercial tabloid stands are designed to fit into a newsstand, corner store, or library to offer reading materials, like periodicals or even brochures. A plastic newspaper holder for showcasing daily papers is ideal for use in many applications, including counters, walls, and floors.

What are some of the reasons these tabloid stands are used?
  • These plastic newspaper holders are typically used as organizing tools. They offer a way for businesses of all types to keep their magazines and brochures neat and tidy.
  • Orderly displays mean an increase in sales or happier patrons because not only will more people be drawn to the organized literature racks, but they will also be able to find what they are looking for without having to dig for it.
  • Also, these racks offer the change to display multiple copies of magazines or many different brochures because of all the different shelves and pockets that are available. Customers will be pleased when a copy of their favorite paper is still there or when a magazine they’ve been looking for is present.
tabloid stand

There are so many great features of these newspaper holders. Some of the affordable literature stands are acrylic displays that offer a wide variety of uses. There are clear countertop models with single pockets that are countertop or wall mount fixtures. There are also acrylic displays that have shelves to offer the placement of multiple papers and even have sign slots that allow a copy to be placed for all to see the day’s headlines. When this rack is bought without a base it is designed for use on counters, but when the black base is purchased with the stand, it then becomes a floor standing unit. There are also many displays offered here that could be used to showcase periodicals, like magazines, or information sheets, like brochures. These racks come in many styles and may have wheels for mobility, a wave like shape for a modern look, or a sign holder to advertise the publication from a distance. Many of these plastic newspaper displays can be made to be single-or double sided. The mobile stands come in black or silver finish, colors that will work with any interior design.

There are many places where a plastic newspaper display can be used. The acrylic displays are a bit more traditional and so make great fixtures at a typical newsstand or corner market, or can easily be placed in a diner next to the countertop. The other newspaper holders are better used in locations such as libraries or schools to display plenty of information that the students or faculty might need or enjoy. The black or silver stands are also seen in the lobbies of office buildings or in waiting rooms. These stands are organizational tools that help clients and patients find the magazine and brochures they are looking for with less hassle.

These displays are truly versatile and offer a great way to organize different literature that may be offered in your establishment. No matter whether you choose a clear acrylic countertop unit or a wheeled stand, the fixtures are sure to get your business noticed and keep your customers and staff very happy. The key to increasing sales and making it easy to find wanted information is organization and that’s exactly that these racks offer!

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