Outdoor Brochure Holders | Weatherproof & Exterior Flyer Boxes

Outdoor Literature Holders for Real Estate & Other Businesses

This outdoor brochure holder is a weather resistant dispenser that is placed on the outside of a business. The exterior flyer box is built to keep information on display protected from rain and moisture. Each real estate pamphlet dispenser, outdoor literature holder can be attached to the exterior wall of an establishment to increase exposure. Typically, no more information can be distributed once the business has closed for the day, but these innovative dispensers work around the clock to hand out packets, flyers, and other information. The lid, or flap, at the top of each outdoor brochure box is hinged, so adding more reading materials is simple. In addition, the top closes tightly to prevent the elements from damaging valuable print-outs, like brochures & catalogs.

Our outdoor literature holder collection features wall or post mounted boxes for flyers. Each exterior flyer dispenser includes a flip-open top. The outdoor literature boxes are easy for customers to access and simple for employees to refill. The hinged flaps prevent water from entering the enclosure, which keeps information dry and damage free. There is no sense in letting your expensive pamphlets or brochures deteriorate just because you want to place them in an accessible outdoor location. Order one of these "take-one" boxes to use on most any exterior wall. There are different sizes, so realtors, welcome centers, fill stations, and other outside businesses can display all the publications they desire without worrying about the weather.

Another helpful design is the outdoor magazine rack, sometimes called an exterior-use pamphlet display, which keeps 8.5" wide printed materials protected from inclement weather conditions. The outside pockets are completely enclosed so that important publications are available at all times to potential customers. Most of the weatherproof magazine racks are also attached to the wall, although some can also be mounted on top of a stand. Either way, your valuable company catalogs and magazines will be accessible to customers after hours. There are all kinds of applications for the acrylic and plastic pockets. Use them for virtually any outdoor setting, from a theme park to a recreation area to a non-profit organization.