Cardboard Brochure Holders | Corrugated Literature & Magazine Organizers

cardboard brochure holder
4" Pocket
Trifold Brochure Holder
4" Pocket
Tri Fold Brochure Holder
4" Pocket
Tri Fold Cardboard Brochure Holder
4" Pocket
cardboard display
8-1/2" Pocket
magazine rack
6 Cell
retail store display
6 Cell
cardboard magazine holder
6 Cell

Cardboard Brochure Holders - Countertop & Floor Corrugated Stands

These office cardboard brochure holders are lightweight, foldable, and inexpensive. The corrugated literature racks serve as great convention, trade show, and expo displays for traveling representives. The cardboard brochure holders and magazine stands come in countertop and floor-standing configurations. All of these selections are priced at wholesale cost, so we encourage our customers to place larger orders for additional savings. Each of these corrugated literature holders quickly folds up yet can be disassembled for compact storage as well. Another advantage is that the cardboard brochure holders are shipped flat, which helps keep shipping costs lower. These cheap floor standing racks for magazines often feature removable headers. These headers give users the opportunity to customize their presenation to capture more attention. Companies can easily display their names, logos, or slogans while highlighting the contents of the stand without spending a fortune on expensive or unnecessarily durable selections.