Outdoor Brochure Holders | Weatherproof & Exterior Flyer Boxes

outdoor leaflet holders
5-3/8" Wide
9-3/4" Tall
outdoor brochure holder
4-1/2" Wide
11-1/2" Tall
outdoor literature holder
5" Wide
16" Tall
flyer box
7" Wide
12" Tall
outdoor display
Black Backing
3 Pockets
outdoor literature holders
Black Backing
5 Pockets
outdoor brochure holder
9-3/4" Wide
13" Tall
brochure box
10-1/4" Wide
14" Tall
outdoor literature display
9-1/4" Wide
13-1/2" Tall
outdoor literature display
9-1/2" Wide
11-3/4" Tall

Outdoor Brochure Holders - Exterior-Rated Literature Displays for Leaflets

This outdoor brochure holder is a weather resistant box that is placed on the outside of a business. The exterior flyer box is built to keep information on display protected from rain and moisture. Each real estate pamphlet dispenser, outdoor brochure holder can be attached to the exterior wall of an establishment to increase exposure. Typically, no more information can be distributed once the business has closed for the day, but these innovative dispensers work around the clock to hand out packets, flyers, and other information. The lid, or flap, at the top of each box is hinged, so adding more reading materials is simple. In addition, the top closes tightly to prevent the elements from damaging valuable print-outs, like brochures & catalogs.