Rotating Literature Stands Display Many Brochures in a Compact Design

These rotating brochure and literature stands accomplish two things. First, since they store information on all sides, they provide an efficient use of space whether used on a tabletop or out on the floor. Second, the revolving action allows people the convenience of scanning through your offerings quickly (people always like to turn things). So where are these literature displays used? Rotating brochure holders for table and countertop placement are commonly seen in financial institutions like bank branches or credit unions. These offices always have lots of folded information to hand out including rates for CDs, mortgages, and investments. Waiting rooms and lounges also take advantage of the fact that they can reduce clutter while creating a more welcoming experience for their patrons. Floor standing literature displays usually offer larger pocket dimensions, therefore they are designed to accommodate magazines and/or catalogs. Anyplace where mags are sold probably utilizes one of these rotating stands, including pharmacies, convenience stores, and book shops. Since they can be placed vitually anywhere, retailers can strategically target customers as they enter their store.